Preserving the environment and our planet.

As Foroni celebrates her 90th Anniversary, the company is proud to present this agenda catalogue for 2015 with more than 70 models. In it, you'll find the complete collection, releases and a detailed description about each product, including the famous brands and licenses we renew every year.

Growth in the volume of sales and agenda production, for executives and young consumers, seemed impossible, but at every yearwe believe more and more that, even with modern technology, our products are even more present in the lives of millions of Brazilians.

Foroni’s constantly concerned about developing quality and innovative products, but always respecting the environment.

Due to this concern, starting this year, all products will be produced with FSC ® certification (Forest Stewardship Council®), ensuring that our printed materials only use raw materials from forests that are managed in an environmentally responsible manner, fulfilling all of the necessary conditions and applicable laws.

The FSC® seal was established in 1993 by international foundations and has the goal of establishing principles and criteria that may conciliate the exploitation of forests and the preservation of their natural resources. Foroni received the FSC® certification 5 years ago and therefore has the Forest Stewardship certificate which guarantees the tracking system for raw material from its extraction until its transformation into paper, as well as the marketing process for the finished products.

Foroni: printing greener solutions for the daily lives of the future generations.